Products that serve the energy market, electrical wires and cables must have compulsory certification and conformity assessment – which is a mandatory condition -, without it, the product is not allowed to be marketed in Brazil and in many other countries.

With the ISO 9001 version 2015 certificate, issued by the BVQI ( Bureau Veritas Certification ), Conduspar invests in research, infrastructure and training to manufacture products in accordance with the strictest national and international technical standards, ensuring excellence in product quality and services.

Conduspar has product certification through the certifying company UL do Brasil Certificados, meeting the main needs of the retail, industrial and state markets.


What is gained with Product Certification?

• Permission to market the product in Brazil and in other countries – in the case of mandatory compliance assessment.

• The product is better accepted on the market.

• Opportunities for exporting the product, for example, meeting the requirements of the European community.

• Increase in product quality due to constant testing and quality control.



Quality assurance

The ISO 9001 certificate attests that a company has a quality management system and meets the requirements of an international standard. Conduspar achieved this certification in 1996 and currently meets the requirements of the 2015 version of NBR ISO 9001.

• Total company commitment to quality (considering quality = customer satisfaction), from the highest levels to the operators.

• Adequate management of the management of people and materials necessary for business operations.

• Existence of procedures, instructions and work records formalizing all activities that affect quality.

• Monitoring of processes through indicators and taking actions when pre-established objectives are not achieved.

In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, we produce and supply quality products for the energy, civil construction and telecommunications markets. Our work philosophy allows us to maintain a dedicated team of employees, transforming their skills and motivation into solutions for our clients.

Conduspar seeks to promote continuous improvement in the management of the quality system of its products, thus ensuring that it fully meets the needs and aspirations of its customers.

Conduspar’s Quality Management Assurance system complies with the NBR ISO 9001:2015 standards of the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (Inmetro), a certification granted to the company by BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International).

The company also has the quality seal conferred by the certifying body BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International), which comprises the stages of design, development, production and service.



Quality Policy

Conduspar, a manufacturer of electrical conductors, is committed to providing reliable products, complying with current legislation and satisfying the requirements of its customers and stakeholders through continuous improvement of its processes, development of new products and personalized service.




• Meet customer expectations.

• Maintain partnerships with suppliers.

• Qualify and/or train employees.

• Optimize processes and operational costs.

• Respect the environment.


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