Protected Cable


The Conduspar Line of Protected Cables is suitable for compact primary networks of medium voltage power distribution. The protected cable coverage is resistant to electrical tracking and weather. This increases the reliability of the overhead line distribution, which prevents discharges and shutdowns, in occasional contacts with grounded objects and trees.


Conductor: aluminum wire 1350, stringing class 2 compact, with longitudinal humidity locking, acc. to NM 280.
Conductor shielding: semiconductive thermosetting compound (including para cables de 35 kV, optional for cables of 15 and 25 kV).
Coverage: thermosetting compound of XLPE (reticular polyethylene), resistant to electrical tracking and weather, in gray.

Maximum Operating Temperatures

In continuous regime: 90°C
In overload: 100°C
In short circuit: 250°C

Reference Standards

ABNT NBR 11873 – Cables covered with polymeric material for power distribution networks fixed in spacers, in voltajes from 13,8 to 34,5 kV.
ABNT NBR NM 280 – Conductors of insulated cables (IEC 60228, MOD).


In reels.


Conduspar – Protected Cable