Underground Medium Voltage EPR 105° MT105


The Conduspar Line of Cables MT105 is suitable for power distribution circuits in medium voltage up to 35 kV with maximal current capacity provided by the insulation in EPR105.


Conductor: bare electrolytic copper wires, soft hardness, stringing of class 2 compact, acc. to NM 280.
Conductor shielding: semiconductive thermosetting compound.
Insulation: thermosetting compound of XLPE (reticular polyethylene), with full, extruded and vulcanized thickness,
simultaneously with the semiconductive shieldings.
Insulation shielding: semiconductive thermosetting compound, with ease cold extraction.
Metallic shielding: bare copper wiring crown, effective section of 6,5 mm².
Coverage: thermoplastic compound of PVC/ST2 in black.

Voltage classes

3,6/6 kV, 6/10 kV, 8,7/15 kV, 12/20 kV, 15/25 kV and 20/35 kV

Maximum Operating Temperatures

In continuous regime: 90°C
In overload: 130°C
In short circuit: 250°C

Reference Standards

ABNT NBR 7286 – Power cables with extruded insulation de ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) for voltages from 1 to 35 kV – Performance requirements.
ABNT NBR NM 280 – Conductors of insulated cables (IEC 60228, MOD).


In reels.


Conduspar – MT EPR 105º