The Conduspar Line of Cables PROSOLAR FV is suitable for connections of photovoltaic panels. The reliability in photovoltaic systems demands resistance to high levels of UV radiation, workability in extreme temperature ranges and halogen-free materials to prevent the emission of corrosive smoke in case of fire. In addition to all these requirements, the cables PROSOLAR FV have excellent flexibility to facilitate handling during installation. These characteristics make the cables PROSOLAR FV able to operate for at least 25 years.


Conductor: tinned electrolitic copper wires, flexible stringing class 5, acc. to NM 280.
Insulation: halogen-free polyolefin thermoplastic compound
Insulation: halogen-free polyolefin thermoplastic compound with fire retardant, resistant to UV radiation and weather.
Colors: black, blue and red – other colors on request.

Operation Conditions

Insulation voltage in direct current: 1,8 kV (among conductors – systems without grounding)
Insulation voltage in alternating current: 0,6/1 kV
Room temperature: – 40°C to + 90°C

Maximum Operating Temperatures

In continuous regime: 90°C or 120°C for up to 20.000 hours
In short circuit: 250°C

Reference Standards

TÜV 2 PFG 1169 – Requirements for cables for use in photovoltaic-systems.
ABNT NBR NM 280 – Conductors of insulated cables (IEC 60228, MOD).


In rolls of 100 m or reels.


Conduspar – PROSOLAR FV