Rigid Cable HEPR 1 kV


The Conduspar Line of Rigid Cables HEPR 1 kV is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial electric installations, as well as for low voltage power distribution.


Conductor: bare electrolytic copper wires, soft hardness, stringing of class 2 compact, acc. to NM 280.
Insulation: thermosetting compound of HEPR – ethylene propylene rubber.
Coverage and fillings: thermoplastic compound of PVC/ST2.

Reference Standards

ABNT NBR 7286 – Power cables with extruded insulation of ethylene propylene rubber (EPR, HEPR or EPR 105) for voltages from 1 to 35 kV – Performance requirements.
ABNT NBR NM 280 – Conductors of insulated cables (IEC 60228, MOD).


In reels.


Conduspar – Cabo Rígido HEPR 1kV