Flex Cable HEPR 1 kV


The Conduspar Line of HEPR 1 kV is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial installations, as well as for low voltage power distribution. It has insulation in HEPR (ethylene propylene rubber), which allows maximum current capacity, for temperatures in the conductor up to 90°C.


Conductor: bare electrolytic copper wires, soft hardness, stringing of class 5, acc. to NM 280.
Insulation: thermosetting compound of HEPR – ethylene propylene rubber.
Conductor colors: black, blue, white and red – in increasing order of conductor quantity.
Coverage and fillings: thermoplastic compound of PVC/ST2.

Maximum Operating Temperatures

In continuous regime: 90°C
In overload: 130°C
In short circuit: 250°C

ABNT NBR 7286 – Power cables with extruded insulation of ethylene propylene rubber (EPR, HEPR or EPR 105) for voltages from 1 to 35 kV – Performance requirements.
ABNT NBR NM 280 – Conductors of insulated cables (IEC 60228, MOD).


In reels.


Conduspar – Cabo Flex HEPR 1kV